The One About Not Blogging Lately

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in here.  I feel somewhat remiss.

I have been working in a major metropolitan hospital for a couple years now, completed my graduate year, worked as a casual/float/reliever in any and every ward they asked me to work in and now I’m contracted in my preferred unit, the Intensive Care Unit.

I feel an enormous amount of privilege to be allowed to work where I do and with the amazing team of nurses and doctors there.

Drug calculations are part of my everyday life.  We MUST get them right.  Our patients are relying on us to be accurate and correct in our calculations.  Their lives literally depend on it.

As a student, when I developed the idea for the app, Dose Coach, I knew it was vital, but I didn’t truly grasp how fundamental to nursing it is to be able to accurately and precisely calculate drug dosages.  While most of our daily calculations are pretty straight forward, I am still amazed at how complex they can become and how precise they must be when we are titrating infusions to manage blood pressure or calculating dosage based on drops of medication.

This is why I am interested in drug calculations.  So we can be mindful of our duty of care to our patients and so we can continually improve our delivery of sometimes life-saving medications which truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

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